IrelandIreland – what an amazing place. Those to the left are the Cliffs of Moher.  Those cliffs are one of most beautiful sights I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. Beauty – always has a price.  I’m not talking about the $$, but rather about the rain.

We spent 4 days in Ireland, and it rained every day.  We were able to have one half decent day for the trip to the cliffs – thankfully.  No rain was actually quite surprising.  Ever wake up in the morning on a rain day a little more foggy than usual?

When you look outside you see a cloud covered sky then assume that’s why you feel a little under the weather.  Everyone has had that happen to them at one time or another.  It’s the worst.

That’s Ireland… EVERYDAY.  Literally everyday.  That’s why its so green & beautiful.  That’s also why..  everyone DRINKS!

Never Again

There will never be a point in time that I decide to pay money to go back to Ireland.  I wanted to be there, because it was always talked about among my family.  Ireland wasn’t nearly all it was cracked up to be.  If you’re a huge drinker than this is the spot for you.  There are bars up and down the street.

I’m not a drinker, but instead I’m a doer.  We found a nice Crossfit near by and hit a workout there, but that shouldn’t be one of the highlights of my vacation.  It was just really rainy, and there was nothing to do but to drink.

Happy People

One thing for sure is that the people in Ireland are really, really happy!  I mean everyone is super nice.  The trip was a great relief from all the gun violence that you see on the news nowadays.  The cops there didn’t even carry guns.  It was a pleasure meeting and conversing with people throughout the city.

No guns, but no crime – that’s Ireland for you.  I know you’re probably thinking…

but how do I save money in Ireland


I’m really holding back on a serious rant, but I was very disappointed with my trip to Ireland.  Maybe, just maybe take one day and head to the Cliffs of Moher, but that’s it!

Saving Money Mindset

Saving Money MindsetSaving Money is a Mindset.  A mindset is a very powerful vehicle.  This vehicle can either put you ahead of the game or put you in reverse.

You’ll need to consider that when you start this money saving mindset that you’re understanding what it’ll do to the rest of your finances.

Often times we focus so much on saving money we lose sight of making money.  My wife & I are the perfect team because she focuses on saving money in every possible way.  I focus on making money at every possible way.

We often need to reel each other back in because sometimes I get off thrown off course.  On the other hand she gets to involved in saving money that we are getting great deals on things we don’t even need.

Making Money

It is equally important to focus on making money and saving money.  Cruising around the world is expensive, but my wife will find ways to save us big money in the process.  In the same instance I’m on the cruise working my angle of making money.  I took my business which I’ll tell you about in a moment, and positioned my expertise to have a broader reach.

I own an appliance repair company located in Danbury, Connecticut; you can find us on the web at  We repair everything from refrigerators and dryers to TVs.  Our repair service is local to the surrounding towns in Danbury, CT.

How does that help me on a cruise half way around the world?  I’ve created a private youtube channel that I charge people to view.  The channel displays clear step by step instruction on how to repair almost anything.  I usually scoop up 15-25 people every vacation whom tell their friends, and my business grows.

I’m literally making money while cruising.  The money I’m making is generating me new friends around the world.  My mindset is making money & negotiating.  My wife’s mindset is saving money.

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Doesn’t this look like a great place to go on a vacation?

Haiti – Top Affordable Destination

Our Royal Caribbean cruise line actually bought part of Haiti.  They literally bought a section of Haiti.  Royal Caribbean made this deal without one care about Haiti’s situation.  Following the sealing of the deal the folks over at R.C. decided to turn it into the vacation destination of your dreams.  Some people may look at that as sinful or wrong.  Other people look at it like a natural entrepreneurial idea of expansion.  While I was there I didn’t see a one pissed off Haitian despite what job they had to do from picking up vacationers garbage to cleaning toilets.

IcebergThe whole resort was Haitians, and they ran it like clock work.  They had a massive pool topped off with an inflatable obstacle course that was a blast.  These obstacles were huge!  I’m talking 15-20 feet high.  It was an athlete’s paradise; however my wife struggled to even get on one!  She said later that she still had a blast recording me doing flips off of these different inflatables. Continue reading “Haiti”