Spending to Save

Spending Money to Save Money

As I talked about in my post about the saving money mindset there is a certain way of thinking you need to adopt in order to make your dollar stretch.  Spending money to save money is on a completely different level of thinking.

One of the greatest examples of this is health & fitness.  If you think about how much you’ve spent in the last month on going out to eat, to the bar for drinks, and those several stops to the ice cream parlor you’ll notice there is a lot of money going out the window.  Ideally, you’ve been following Rentals2Remember for the last few months so you’ve already realized that cutting out those expenditures will help you become a seasoned traveler.

Hiring a Personal Trainer

I know what you’re thinking…  Personal Trainers cost serious cash.  I agree with you that they are expensive.  On top of that you’ll have to spend 20-50 bucks a month on a gym membership.  A personal trainer plus a gym membership will easily equal out to $400 each month.

Realize the cash you’ll save when you are FORCED to stop spending unnecessary money.

  • Bar tabs gone
  • Ice Cream shop trips deleted
  • Restaurant visits removed

On top of that you’ll be losing weight!  You’ll feel more confident, and that confidence will help you in all aspects of life.  I focus on making money, and my wife focuses on saving money.  I need to look great, feel confident, and feel comfortable in my own skin in order to make money.

Put some serious thought into hiring a personal trainer.  Ideally you’d be able to cut out those unnecessary expenses without having to spend money, but if you’ve been reading our blog for a while without taking action then this is something that might just get you going.

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