Saving Money Mindset

Saving Money MindsetSaving Money is a Mindset.  A mindset is a very powerful vehicle.  This vehicle can either put you ahead of the game or put you in reverse.

You’ll need to consider that when you start this money saving mindset that you’re understanding what it’ll do to the rest of your finances.

Often times we focus so much on saving money we lose sight of making money.  My wife & I are the perfect team because she focuses on saving money in every possible way.  I focus on making money at every possible way.

We often need to reel each other back in because sometimes I get off thrown off course.  On the other hand she gets to involved in saving money that we are getting great deals on things we don’t even need.

Making Money

It is equally important to focus on making money and saving money.  Cruising around the world is expensive, but my wife will find ways to save us big money in the process.  In the same instance I’m on the cruise working my angle of making money.  I took my business which I’ll tell you about in a moment, and positioned my expertise to have a broader reach.

I own an appliance repair company located in Danbury, Connecticut; you can find us on the web at  We repair everything from refrigerators and dryers to TVs.  Our repair service is local to the surrounding towns in Danbury, CT.

How does that help me on a cruise half way around the world?  I’ve created a private youtube channel that I charge people to view.  The channel displays clear step by step instruction on how to repair almost anything.  I usually scoop up 15-25 people every vacation whom tell their friends, and my business grows.

I’m literally making money while cruising.  The money I’m making is generating me new friends around the world.  My mindset is making money & negotiating.  My wife’s mindset is saving money.

Your Foundation is Your Mindset

You heard that right; your foundation is your mindset.  If you are focused on saving money than that is what you’ll do.  On the other hand if you are focused on making money then money will come to you.  The balance my wife and I have is perfect.  I’ll take shit from her every once in a while for spending too much money.  Often I need to convince her that the money I’m spending is an investment.

Every time we go on a international cruise I make sure to buy cartons of cigarettes.  She always asks “what if you can’t sell them this time?”  My reply is always the same “its not about what if I can’t sell them, its about how I can sell them.”  Sometimes it’ll take longer than other times, but I’m always a hundred up after the sale.

As you notice there is a functional shift in the mindset of my wife and I.  As long as there is someone in your immediate family who has the mindset of making money than you’ll be OK.  Take time to notice if you’re spending too much time trying to save instead of trying to make money.


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