Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel was one of my personal favorite destinations because of how inexpensive it was.  Similar to Haiti the locals were very easy to haggle with.  If you haven’t read my post on haggling than that’s an absolute must.  Click here to go back to my post on how to haggle; haggling is essential to traveling on a budget.  The only thing in Mexico is that they constantly try to sell you marijuana!  Constantly is a understatement because I’ve had over 25 people try to sell pot to me over the course of the my trip.  We spend 1 day there.

Don’t be mistaken – pot isn’t actually legal there.  I don’t think the authorities will send you to jail, but I would test it.  If you love to get high for cheap then Mexico is definitely your spot!  My wife and I are more into adventures than sitting around getting smashed or high.  Enough about that garbage though.  Lets focus on how to save you cash.

Eat Cheap in Mexico

The trip that we took was part our cheap cruise through Royal Caribbean.  It was an amazing experience.  We had our first turtle burger which was so delicious!  One thing you’ll notice right off the bat if you look the part of a foreigner is that the price that you may goes up significantly for everything.  The turtle burger place actually gave us menus with more expensive prices than that of the locals.  Noticing the less expensive menu while heading towards the bathroom was quite surprising.  Surprising nonetheless their policy made a lot of sense. Continue reading “Cozumel, Mexico”


Doesn’t this look like a great place to go on a vacation?

Haiti – Top Affordable Destination

Our Royal Caribbean cruise line actually bought part of Haiti.  They literally bought a section of Haiti.  Royal Caribbean made this deal without one care about Haiti’s situation.  Following the sealing of the deal the folks over at R.C. decided to turn it into the vacation destination of your dreams.  Some people may look at that as sinful or wrong.  Other people look at it like a natural entrepreneurial idea of expansion.  While I was there I didn’t see a one pissed off Haitian despite what job they had to do from picking up vacationers garbage to cleaning toilets.

IcebergThe whole resort was Haitians, and they ran it like clock work.  They had a massive pool topped off with an inflatable obstacle course that was a blast.  These obstacles were huge!  I’m talking 15-20 feet high.  It was an athlete’s paradise; however my wife struggled to even get on one!  She said later that she still had a blast recording me doing flips off of these different inflatables. Continue reading “Haiti”



Far from Cheap

You’re 100% right for assuming that Hawaii is far from cheap.  As far as inexpensive vacations go, Hawaii shouldn’t even make the cut.  However, its almost certain that everyone wants to go there.  The place is phenomenal!  I would always say to my wife while we were there that it was so “american-ized” and she would reply “well it is part of America!”  She is one funny gal.  You think with the culture there that it wouldn’t be so much like the states.  Honestly its not, when we got past Waikiki which is pictured above there was a whole lot more to the essence of Hawaii.

Waikiki is an amazing destination if you like the city, and want to learn how to surf.  However its basically like Hawaii’s NYC.  It’s crowded, busy, and very expensive.  We stayed at a hotel which was $275 a night so we were sure that it was on the beach.  Sure enough the AAA travel guide totally butchered that one.  We were’t far, but we certainly weren’t on the beach.  I know what you’re thinking – what does this have to do with saving money?

One word – Maui. Continue reading “Hawaii”

Cheap Destinations


Cheapest Destinations


Cheap, but good.  Similar to the picture above.  My wife says its fine, but I know it looks terrible.  The picture is actually a great lead into the point of this post.  The point is that the picture above is cheap, but it does it job.  We stayed a place in Barcelona for $52 a night.  The place stunk, and we kept taking selfies for Facebook with ridiculous captions.  Like “I hope my kidney is still here tomorrow” or “6 hours in, and we haven’t got mugged.. high five”.  That room I will never forget.  You could smell the odor of weed & febreeze from down the hallway.  It was worth every bit of that $52.  The second we ventured out of the asylum we found ourselves in walking distance of cheap but good food!

We spend the night at a bar about 2 blocks away slamming 1 Euro shots the entire night.  We did about 17 shots with a less than 20 euro bill.  It was a blast, and they were good too.  Apparently the real Abstinse is legal there in Barcelona.  You think 151, or moonshine has a kick…  Wait until you head on over to Barcelona.


Imported everything… doesn’t that ring a bell?


Peru was mighty cheap as well.  Not because we were staying with my wife’s sister the whole time, but rather because its a 3rd world country.  Everything was cheap there.  We went to a local market, and I got a fresh ceviche for $2. Of course there is one major draw back to the fact that its a super cheap.  The draw back in particular is that there is serious crime.  I was instructed not to hang my hand out the window because my watch would get stolen.  Who the hell would steal a timex?  It’s a cheap plastic thing, but it does its job. Continue reading “Cheap Destinations”

Cruising on the Budget

cruise ship

Cruising on a Budget

Cruises can be the biggest bang for your buck.  These multiple destination vacations are awesome.  I know there might be some of you that are inclined to say otherwise because of sea sickness.  I totally understand that you get motion sick.  I get motion sickness worse than you!

  1. If I’m not driving I need to either fall asleep or get behind the wheel
  2. I once did a Shark Expedition on a boat, and the closest I got was puking on the sharks.  Pretty cool that they ate it though!
  3. Roller coasters are out
  4. Merry go rounds are just nightmares waiting to unfold
  5. I need to take massive amounts of Dramamine to get on a plane
  6. I need to take even more Dramamine to get into a taxi
  7. I drove to my wedding so I wouldn’t be sick from riding in a limo

Motion Sickness Eliminated

You heard that right!  I know your excited, but skeptical.  I was skeptical too until I heard from multiple people about this cure for motion sickness.  Sea Bands!  They are super lame, and a make you look like Richard Simmons.  I’d wear the wig the whole cruise if I needed to!  My wife convinced me to wear them instead of slamming tabs of Dramamine worse than a oxi-codin addict.  They are like $7, and worth $700.  Only motion sickness I got the whole cruise was when we started drinking.

Unlimited Appetite Quenched

I am regarded as a never ending hole.  My wife constantly complains about our grocery bill.  Even as I write this she is standing over my shoulder saying that she should be the one writing this article.  On top of it I’m a big health nut so everything is more expensive.  One unique thing on a cruise that not many people fully understand is that crew members cannot say “NO”.  You heard that right. Continue reading “Cruising on the Budget”

Greetings from Us

Hello everyone.  I hope you enjoy your stay here at Rentals2Remember.  I also hope that you learn something that you can use on your vacations.  We are thrilled to be sharing this information with you.  We’ve traveled the world on such a minimal budget through some smart savings tips.

You’ll get a learn a couple key things during this blog:

  • How to travel the world on a budget
  • Tips & Tricks along the way
  • Safety Ratings for each Area
  • Our personal rating of the destination
  • “It’s not worth it” heads up

I look forward to putting up more, and more content for you and the rest of our audience.  If ever you have a question don’t hesitate to ask.  Contact us here.