ColloseumItaly one of the most disappointing trips I’ve been on yet. Besides the Vatican I thought Italy was just OK.  Now the Vatican on the other hand if you can handle being in a room with hundreds of other people for the whole excursion was great.  It was absolutely breath taking in there!  I’m not the least bit religious but I thought it was just amazing.

We stopped in Italy on our honeymoon to see the Vatican, the colloseum and the leaning tower of pisa.  The tours didn’t even go up into the tower so I decided to stay on the ship to play on the flow rider.  The flow rider is probably the best part of the whole cruise because it’s a never ending wave.  I love athletic sports, and that was right up my alley.

I would never go on another cruise line besides Royal Caribbean because they of the fact that they don’t have the flow rider.  Save some money on your Cruise by following the tips located here, and be sure to make sure it has a flow rider for your husband.  He will thank you later.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Ding, ding, ding the boring alarm goes off.  Seriously, don’t even waste your time on this trip.  I decided to play on the flow rider, and then I went into town.  These Italians really like to take advantage of Americas, because we don’t speak the language.  Be aware that most of these restaurants will try to charge you a “napkin” fee because they can.

I’m the kind of guy that reads over the bill, because I know people will try different things.  Italy is like the Comcast of New England because they’ll constantly try to hit with extra fees.  I took a look at the bill and there was this random $10 fee in there.  It was totally noticeable because it was just me eating my pizza while having a couple beers.

The $10 when I asked them “what is this?” was responded in Italian.  They now acted as if they didn’t speak English.  The crook pointed to the spot on the menu that hinted at the fee.  The menu was half in Italian, and then half in English.  However that great menu setup only had the mention of the fee in Italian.

I was pissed!  I had been totally taken advantage of.  I took out the money to see if I had exact change to pay whatever the bill was minus the $10, but the waiter snatched the 50 right of my hands.  He was ready, and they totally planned this.

I sure didn’t leave a tip!  Instead of leaving a tip I took the napkin looked the owner directly in the eyes then proceeded to throw it on the ground and kick it into the sidewalk with my foot.  After that “accidently” knocked over my beer glass, and left.  I wouldn’t recommend that to everyone, because I’m 6” 5’ and over 250 pounds

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