Cruising on the Budget

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Cruising on a Budget

Cruises can be the biggest bang for your buck.  These multiple destination vacations are awesome.  I know there might be some of you that are inclined to say otherwise because of sea sickness.  I totally understand that you get motion sick.  I get motion sickness worse than you!

  1. If I’m not driving I need to either fall asleep or get behind the wheel
  2. I once did a Shark Expedition on a boat, and the closest I got was puking on the sharks.  Pretty cool that they ate it though!
  3. Roller coasters are out
  4. Merry go rounds are just nightmares waiting to unfold
  5. I need to take massive amounts of Dramamine to get on a plane
  6. I need to take even more Dramamine to get into a taxi
  7. I drove to my wedding so I wouldn’t be sick from riding in a limo

Motion Sickness Eliminated

You heard that right!  I know your excited, but skeptical.  I was skeptical too until I heard from multiple people about this cure for motion sickness.  Sea Bands!  They are super lame, and a make you look like Richard Simmons.  I’d wear the wig the whole cruise if I needed to!  My wife convinced me to wear them instead of slamming tabs of Dramamine worse than a oxi-codin addict.  They are like $7, and worth $700.  Only motion sickness I got the whole cruise was when we started drinking.

Unlimited Appetite Quenched

I am regarded as a never ending hole.  My wife constantly complains about our grocery bill.  Even as I write this she is standing over my shoulder saying that she should be the one writing this article.  On top of it I’m a big health nut so everything is more expensive.  One unique thing on a cruise that not many people fully understand is that crew members cannot say “NO”.  You heard that right.

Obviously if you’re doing something you down right shouldn’t be doing they’ll hit you with the N-O.  Ordering 2 appetizers each, 4 entrees for myself, 2 for my wife, and dessert that isn’t even on the menu doesn’t fall into that category.  I would have to tell the waiter or waitress to consolidate the meals so I had enough room on my plate.  I would be so full after that meal that I would need to walk like a penguin back to the room after that meal.  Our honeymoon cruise I had at least 4 entrees every night, and gained 10 pounds of solid fat.  On lobster night I decided I wanted 3 lobsters, and never heard a NO!

Talk about bang for your buck – try going to the restaurant down the street and ordering 4 entrees.  I guarantee you’ll get charged extra.

Saving Real Money

Book way in advance.  Don’t wait for the buy one, get one 50% deals.  Wait for the buy one, get one 60-75% deals!  Sign up for your next Cruise on your first cruise for even more savings.  You can always transfer that savings, or cancel it without penalty.  They know that 80% of people won’t cancel, and that 10% will forget about it.  Obviously, don’t be that 10%!  We got the 75% off our second guest rate, and $250 on ship spending money for signing up for our next cruise on our first one.

Our next cruise was our Honeymoon cruise, and we didn’t even know when we were getting married.  Well I did, but she didn’t.  She’s the travel agent, and I’m the hard grader.  We’re both serious hagglers.  I’m more of the in your face, don’t take no for a answer type.  She is more of the “giving you shit about your price with a smile” kind of haggler.  Both great & effective methods, but definitely useful in different situations.

Not Worth the Money

Specialty dining is not worth the money.  Great food, but low portions.  The food was only a little better than the food that we got in the dining hall.  They really hit you with a high price too.  Often times the selection is very limited due to the fact its a cruise ship.  Sometimes you really want a romantic dinner in an expensive restaurant.  We recommend that you save a couple bucks on the specialty dining, and get a few extra drinks delivered to your room.  Enjoy that extra cash by selecting a room with a balcony, and have drinks by the moonlight.

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