Concerts aren’t your average vacation, but its important that you understand how to save money at these bad boys. Ozzfest You’re sure going to go to a concert or two in your lifetime.  Why not saving some dough while your at it?

You can try to sneak in some food so you don’t need to buy anything or attempt to bring in a little of your own booze.  I try to remain as sober as possible throughout the whole concert in order to defend myself.  Those Pit brawls can get pretty hairy!

The only real choice you have to save serious $$ is what kind of seat you get.  You’ve got three basic choices:

  1. Lawn Seats – Just $20 a pop!
  2. Box Seats – Usually about 45-60 bucks each
  3. The Pit – Most expensive, and sells out quick.

There are definite pros and cons to each one of these choices.  You’ll have to login to ticketmaster knowing exactly what you want or it’ll be sold out by the time you make up your mind.

Lawn Seats

These are the cheapest, most drug infested and dirtiest tickets you can buy.  If you’re a big mosh pit guy you can actually get some decent pit action at most concerts when you get closer to the stage.  On the flip side if you’re not huge into the mosh pits than you can hang out on the lawn and enjoy yourself.

In the Pit you have zero choice in the matter.  Unless you’re a huge dude like myself you tend to get pushed around a lot.  When the biggest jam of the evening comes even I get thrown around.

Box Seats

These seats are for losers.  You go to concerts to get the feeling of really being there.  You don’t go to concerts to order Ben & Jerry’s for $8 a pop while you sit in your fancy chair.  I tried the box seat route at Ozzfest 05′.  Under certain circumstances getting a box seat can be a great choice!

  • Box Seats are great for older rockers
  • Comfortable for the handicapped
  • Great for concert newbies who want to avoid the lawn trash while still being close to to the band

Thank god I chose a box seat for Ozzfest 05′ because it was a freaking disaster.  The lawn crew decided to start ripping up the grass, and throwing it into the crowd.  It was so out of hand that about 50 security guards needed to head into the crowd just to stop the mess.  You can thank 10,000 pissed off people getting rained on for that catastrophe.

The Pit

The Pit is the best place to be in my opinion.  I’m 100% biased because I’m a really strong guy so I have no problem defending myself in the pit.  I will have to admit that I get kicked in the head at least a few times during a show.  I’ve gotten into several fights, but that’s part of the fun.

There is so much energy in the pit – its unbelievable.  It’s totally worth the money and bruises.


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