Cheap Destinations


Cheapest Destinations


Cheap, but good.  Similar to the picture above.  My wife says its fine, but I know it looks terrible.  The picture is actually a great lead into the point of this post.  The point is that the picture above is cheap, but it does it job.  We stayed a place in Barcelona for $52 a night.  The place stunk, and we kept taking selfies for Facebook with ridiculous captions.  Like “I hope my kidney is still here tomorrow” or “6 hours in, and we haven’t got mugged.. high five”.  That room I will never forget.  You could smell the odor of weed & febreeze from down the hallway.  It was worth every bit of that $52.  The second we ventured out of the asylum we found ourselves in walking distance of cheap but good food!

We spend the night at a bar about 2 blocks away slamming 1 Euro shots the entire night.  We did about 17 shots with a less than 20 euro bill.  It was a blast, and they were good too.  Apparently the real Abstinse is legal there in Barcelona.  You think 151, or moonshine has a kick…  Wait until you head on over to Barcelona.


Imported everything… doesn’t that ring a bell?


Peru was mighty cheap as well.  Not because we were staying with my wife’s sister the whole time, but rather because its a 3rd world country.  Everything was cheap there.  We went to a local market, and I got a fresh ceviche for $2. Of course there is one major draw back to the fact that its a super cheap.  The draw back in particular is that there is serious crime.  I was instructed not to hang my hand out the window because my watch would get stolen.  Who the hell would steal a timex?  It’s a cheap plastic thing, but it does its job.

Our list of 3rd World Problems that may concern new travelers:

  • Corrupt cops – You can literally bribe your way out of a speeding ticket, but if your white you’ll definitely be paying a lot more
  • Price Changes – The color of your skin greatly predicts the price you’ll get, but as long as you work on your bargaining skills than you won’t pay too much over market value
  • The low ball –  Taking a picture with a Llama apparently is a big deal down there.  As we snapped a selfie the lady with the Llama was holding out her hand asking for $20.  We gave her $5, and she said more, more, more!
  • Tips – You will get hit up for tips at every single instance.  The majority of the time you’ll pull out wallet feeling generous to have it stolen before your eyes.  Don’t tip, unless you have instant cash right in your pocket.  That cash won’t last long anyways.


Canada may not seem like a actual vacation, but if you live in the NYC area than it most definitely is.  Canada is also super cheap, because the american dollar almost doubles when you get there.  Be forewarned that if you have a DUI then you won’t be allowed in Canada for 10 years after getting it.  I had a fraternity brother who drove 8 hours to the border just to get turned around and sent back home.  Serves him right for putting other people’s lives at risk so he can have it a good time.

Mount Tremblanc is where we went, and it was awesome.  The mountain itself was prime for snowboarding with all the jumps, trails & terrain you can’t get in the states.  It was possibly the worst ran mountain I’ve ever been on.  They literally had one lift at the bottom of the mountain, and you needed to wait hours just to get on it.  Once you made it through that bottleneck than it was smooth sailing, but that would often take a 5th of your day up.

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