Making Money Doing Things Around the House

Doing Things Around the House

Doing things around the house sucks.  Whether it’s mowing the lawn, or doing the dishes – it’s never enjoyable.  I always try to make money when I do something, regardless of what it is.

As I talked about in my previous blog post, Spending Money to Save Money, this is on another level.  I call this…

Spending Money to Make Money!

Here’s how I did it!

First off, because I’m located in Connecticut there is a big deal here with how your landscape looks.  It’s almost like a fashion statement.  You’re popular if you have a great looking backyard.

I needed to get some tree work done.  I decided to get a tree removed by a local CT tree service company.  After they removed it, and we’re about to haul it all off I said I wanted to keep the tree for firewood.

I told them that’d give everyone a $25 tip if they cut it up for me quick!

affordable tree removal
Branches trimmed from an old maple tree lie at the mouth of a machine that soon will grind them up.

Sure enough the tree guys obliged, and then I just negotiated the bill down what I had spent on the tips.

After that I sold all the firewood on craigslist.  I made 90% of my money back!

That’s what I call making money while spending money!

Spending to Save

Spending Money to Save Money

As I talked about in my post about the saving money mindset there is a certain way of thinking you need to adopt in order to make your dollar stretch.  Spending money to save money is on a completely different level of thinking.

One of the greatest examples of this is health & fitness.  If you think about how much you’ve spent in the last month on going out to eat, to the bar for drinks, and those several stops to the ice cream parlor you’ll notice there is a lot of money going out the window.  Ideally, you’ve been following Rentals2Remember for the last few months so you’ve already realized that cutting out those expenditures will help you become a seasoned traveler.

Hiring a Personal Trainer

I know what you’re thinking…  Personal Trainers cost serious cash.  I agree with you that they are expensive.  On top of that you’ll have to spend 20-50 bucks a month on a gym membership.  A personal trainer plus a gym membership will easily equal out to $400 each month.

Realize the cash you’ll save when you are FORCED to stop spending unnecessary money.

  • Bar tabs gone
  • Ice Cream shop trips deleted
  • Restaurant visits removed

On top of that you’ll be losing weight!  You’ll feel more confident, and that confidence will help you in all aspects of life.  I focus on making money, and my wife focuses on saving money.  I need to look great, feel confident, and feel comfortable in my own skin in order to make money.

Put some serious thought into hiring a personal trainer.  Ideally you’d be able to cut out those unnecessary expenses without having to spend money, but if you’ve been reading our blog for a while without taking action then this is something that might just get you going.

Writing Off Vacations

Write Off Your Vacations

I’m 100% serious – you can totally write off your vacations.  A new phenomenon is people joining MLMs to create a business in order to write off their extravagant vacations.  It’s a little more complicated than that, but it does work.

MLMA MLM also known as a Multi Level Marketing Company is normally referred to as a pyramid scheme.  These home businesses can be very effective at generating new income, but rely heavily on the work ethic of the user.  Often called the Virtual Franchise, the cost for entry into these businesses is also very small, and can be as little as $50.

Once you hit a certain level or tier in the MLM you are now able to register your business, and either obtain a sole proprietorship or a LLC.  After claiming a LLC the fun can begin.

Not just a Home Business

Being able to generate funds anywhere through your Virtual Franchise is a sought after commodity.  Although often overlooked, the flexibility having products that can be sold anywhere is priceless.  Selling a product on a dinner outing with friends is now an write-off.

Outings need to generate income, but not all the time.  Often sales attempts will not generate income, and that’s OK.  The thing is that if you keep claiming your vacations as tax write-offs than without actually gaining any income from these sales presentations you’d be in some trouble.

Getting a little higher in the business model is hard.  These MLMs, despite what people say, don’t sell themselves.  Like any business – its hard work!

Benefits of Writing Off

I know the question “what are the benefits of writing off?” is sitting in the back of your mind.  Basically what it boils down to is 1/3 of your money written-off comes back to you.  Not bad getting back $1,000 on a $3000 vacation to Mexico that you would have taken anyway.  Follow my blog for some easy vacation money saving tips, and you’ll get that down to $2300!

There are 3 Tricks to Making it all work out!

  • Trick #1 -is to write off as much as you can while still creating income on those trips & outings.
  • Trick #2 – don’t blow the money you’ve just written off on a expensive accountant.
  • Trick #3 – learn the business, and make some money with it before writing off everything in sight.  Last thing you want to do is get audited!

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

One of the 7 wonders of the world is Machu Picchu.  The destination of a lifetime is located in Peru. Unlike my brief Peru post  – this destination deserves it’s own blog.

I could talk about the wonders of Machu Picchu all day and night.  I’m a big action guy who loves to do unique things in these amazing places.  Normally just looking at a beautiful sight wouldn’t really interest me.  I was truly memorized by Machu Picchu.  Something about this place was magical.

  • Maybe it was the fact that the mountains in the background resemble a face.
  • Maybe it was the fact that some of these stones were so huge that it would be next to impossible to get them up to this height during the time it was made.
  • Whatever the reason – this place was amazing.

Machu Picchu

Altitude Sickness

I bet altitude sickness is the excuse you’ve been using the most to excuse yourself from not visiting this amazing place.  I’ve gotten altitude sickness before while hiking through the rocky mountains.  I actually had the sickness for about a month straight.  Admittedly it wasn’t fun feeling like crap, but it wasn’t the end of the world.

The shocker is that Machu Picchu isn’t even that high!  It’s close to 7000 feet above sea level.  Most people won’t get sickness at 10,000 feet.  Very few people will actually experience any altitude sickness at a mere 7000 feet.

The locals know that travelers are deeply afraid of this altitude sickness, and that it is in their best interest if you don’t get sick.  Immediately after landing we were given coco tea to aid with the transition.  The tea is actually made with real coco leaves.  coco tea

Coco leaves are a big part of what makes cocaine, and thus illegal in the united states.  The tea actually gave me a little kick so I made sure to enjoy several cups throughout the trip.  I ended up buying coco tea candy, and it was like a mini-obsession.

Sure enough – neither my wife or I got the least bit of altitude sickness.

Best 5 parts of Machu Picchu

  1. The View – There is seriously nothing like it.  You can see so far, and everything you see is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.
  2. The Magic – Machu Picchu was made my the Inca’s who were huge mystics.  The face in the background was just the start.  You’ll have to travel there yourself to see the rest of the magic.
  3. Knowledgeable Guides – The guides were filled to the brim with knowledge.  They knew everything about the area, and ours in particular was very unique.  Our guide lives in at the bottom of Peru, and devotes his life to giving tours of Machu Picchu.
  4. The Freedom – We’ve been many places from the Draq Caves in Italy to the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.  Machu Picchu gave us total freedom.  We could separate from the guide and do our own thing anytime we wanted.  I ended up taking a jog up into the jungle leading to Machu Picchu.
  5. The Town – Most destinations aren’t equipped with their own town.  Sometimes the destination is the town!  At the bottom of Machu Picchu there is quaint little town with dozens of gift shops, but more importantly great food! I love my Peruvian food!

Save Money in Machu Picchu

The best way to save money in Machu Picchu is not to be a little bitch.  You’ll get hit up constantly from everyone and anyone for tips.  They’ll be forceful, but just say no.  It can be hard to say no to someone who just gave you a great service.

Before you get put into a situation where you need to give a tip remember these few things:

  • Tips are optional
  • The less money you tip, the more vacations you can go on in the future
  • Chances are almost everyone else will tip
  • Relying on a job because you think you’ll get tipped is a bad idea
  • It’s their fault that you’re not tipping them (literally!)

That’s the biggest money saver when your visiting Machu Picchu.  Everything else is pretty much standard.

get your MINDSET right

save money



Concerts aren’t your average vacation, but its important that you understand how to save money at these bad boys. Ozzfest You’re sure going to go to a concert or two in your lifetime.  Why not saving some dough while your at it?

You can try to sneak in some food so you don’t need to buy anything or attempt to bring in a little of your own booze.  I try to remain as sober as possible throughout the whole concert in order to defend myself.  Those Pit brawls can get pretty hairy!

The only real choice you have to save serious $$ is what kind of seat you get.  You’ve got three basic choices:

  1. Lawn Seats – Just $20 a pop!
  2. Box Seats – Usually about 45-60 bucks each
  3. The Pit – Most expensive, and sells out quick.

There are definite pros and cons to each one of these choices.  You’ll have to login to ticketmaster knowing exactly what you want or it’ll be sold out by the time you make up your mind.

Lawn Seats

These are the cheapest, most drug infested and dirtiest tickets you can buy.  If you’re a big mosh pit guy you can actually get some decent pit action at most concerts when you get closer to the stage.  On the flip side if you’re not huge into the mosh pits than you can hang out on the lawn and enjoy yourself.

In the Pit you have zero choice in the matter.  Unless you’re a huge dude like myself you tend to get pushed around a lot.  When the biggest jam of the evening comes even I get thrown around.

Box Seats

These seats are for losers.  You go to concerts to get the feeling of really being there.  You don’t go to concerts to order Ben & Jerry’s for $8 a pop while you sit in your fancy chair.  I tried the box seat route at Ozzfest 05′.  Under certain circumstances getting a box seat can be a great choice!

  • Box Seats are great for older rockers
  • Comfortable for the handicapped
  • Great for concert newbies who want to avoid the lawn trash while still being close to to the band

Thank god I chose a box seat for Ozzfest 05′ because it was a freaking disaster.  The lawn crew decided to start ripping up the grass, and throwing it into the crowd.  It was so out of hand that about 50 security guards needed to head into the crowd just to stop the mess.  You can thank 10,000 pissed off people getting rained on for that catastrophe.

The Pit

The Pit is the best place to be in my opinion.  I’m 100% biased because I’m a really strong guy so I have no problem defending myself in the pit.  I will have to admit that I get kicked in the head at least a few times during a show.  I’ve gotten into several fights, but that’s part of the fun.

There is so much energy in the pit – its unbelievable.  It’s totally worth the money and bruises.



IrelandIreland – what an amazing place. Those to the left are the Cliffs of Moher.  Those cliffs are one of most beautiful sights I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. Beauty – always has a price.  I’m not talking about the $$, but rather about the rain.

We spent 4 days in Ireland, and it rained every day.  We were able to have one half decent day for the trip to the cliffs – thankfully.  No rain was actually quite surprising.  Ever wake up in the morning on a rain day a little more foggy than usual?

When you look outside you see a cloud covered sky then assume that’s why you feel a little under the weather.  Everyone has had that happen to them at one time or another.  It’s the worst.

That’s Ireland… EVERYDAY.  Literally everyday.  That’s why its so green & beautiful.  That’s also why..  everyone DRINKS!

Never Again

There will never be a point in time that I decide to pay money to go back to Ireland.  I wanted to be there, because it was always talked about among my family.  Ireland wasn’t nearly all it was cracked up to be.  If you’re a huge drinker than this is the spot for you.  There are bars up and down the street.

I’m not a drinker, but instead I’m a doer.  We found a nice Crossfit near by and hit a workout there, but that shouldn’t be one of the highlights of my vacation.  It was just really rainy, and there was nothing to do but to drink.

Happy People

One thing for sure is that the people in Ireland are really, really happy!  I mean everyone is super nice.  The trip was a great relief from all the gun violence that you see on the news nowadays.  The cops there didn’t even carry guns.  It was a pleasure meeting and conversing with people throughout the city.

No guns, but no crime – that’s Ireland for you.  I know you’re probably thinking…

but how do I save money in Ireland


I’m really holding back on a serious rant, but I was very disappointed with my trip to Ireland.  Maybe, just maybe take one day and head to the Cliffs of Moher, but that’s it!

Saving Money Mindset

Saving Money MindsetSaving Money is a Mindset.  A mindset is a very powerful vehicle.  This vehicle can either put you ahead of the game or put you in reverse.

You’ll need to consider that when you start this money saving mindset that you’re understanding what it’ll do to the rest of your finances.

Often times we focus so much on saving money we lose sight of making money.  My wife & I are the perfect team because she focuses on saving money in every possible way.  I focus on making money at every possible way.

We often need to reel each other back in because sometimes I get off thrown off course.  On the other hand she gets to involved in saving money that we are getting great deals on things we don’t even need.

Making Money

It is equally important to focus on making money and saving money.  Cruising around the world is expensive, but my wife will find ways to save us big money in the process.  In the same instance I’m on the cruise working my angle of making money.  I took my business which I’ll tell you about in a moment, and positioned my expertise to have a broader reach.

I own an appliance repair company located in Danbury, Connecticut; you can find us on the web at  We repair everything from refrigerators and dryers to TVs.  Our repair service is local to the surrounding towns in Danbury, CT.

How does that help me on a cruise half way around the world?  I’ve created a private youtube channel that I charge people to view.  The channel displays clear step by step instruction on how to repair almost anything.  I usually scoop up 15-25 people every vacation whom tell their friends, and my business grows.

I’m literally making money while cruising.  The money I’m making is generating me new friends around the world.  My mindset is making money & negotiating.  My wife’s mindset is saving money.

Continue reading “Saving Money Mindset”


ColloseumItaly one of the most disappointing trips I’ve been on yet. Besides the Vatican I thought Italy was just OK.  Now the Vatican on the other hand if you can handle being in a room with hundreds of other people for the whole excursion was great.  It was absolutely breath taking in there!  I’m not the least bit religious but I thought it was just amazing.

We stopped in Italy on our honeymoon to see the Vatican, the colloseum and the leaning tower of pisa.  The tours didn’t even go up into the tower so I decided to stay on the ship to play on the flow rider.  The flow rider is probably the best part of the whole cruise because it’s a never ending wave.  I love athletic sports, and that was right up my alley. Continue reading “Italy”

Small Town Vacation

Small Town Vacations

Small Vacation HomeSmall town vacations can be the least expensive trips.  My family owns a vacation house in Salisbury, Mass, and we would spend a week up there every summer.  Growing up – this vacation was my favorite.  My father would take us early morning down to a place we called the grove to eat our donuts.  We’d sit in the car watching the morning fog drift off the lake.  We called this place Twin Lakes, and it was our spot.  Later on in life, after setting up a business, and having kids own this was my vacation spot.   I would come up to Twin Lakes with my kids every summer and they loved it.

Every family needs to have a house in a small town like this.  The cost of maintaining a home is very low because of how many times its split.  The cost was split about 12 ways, and each family member did their fair share. Continue reading “Small Town Vacation”

Haggling 101

The Route to Traveling on a Budget

Haggling, or as Wikipedia calls it “Bargaining”.  In an excerpt from Wikipedia located at Wikipedia Bargaining they refer Haggling as “is a type of negotiation in which the buyer and seller of a good or service debate the price and exact nature of a transaction.”  This type of negotiation is key to keeping your bank accounts high and the money coming out of your pockets low.

How to Haggle (and save money)

  1. Don’t seem too interested.  “I kind of like this one” is my go to line.
  2. Let them sell you on the product.  Don’t confuse this with letting them actually sell you the product, but rather let them “sell” you on the benefits of having such product.  This allows them to get their time invested in you.
  3. Try to wait for them to tell you how much it is, but a price doesn’t come up quick then ask.
  4. Take that price, then counter offer with 1/5 of the original price.  Example: If a guy in Haiti offers a mask for you for $65, offer him $13 bucks for it. Continue reading “Haggling 101”