About Us

My wife and I started this website to encourage our friends & family to get on out there.  There is so much to see in this world.  These days with our “economic” burden there is more people sitting at home cashing out their paychecks on an expensive dinner.

These same people with a little penny pinching knowledge that I’m about to share with you could be pooling those expensive dinners into vacation of a lifetime.  I’ll be uncovering the secrets of traveling the world on a budget.

I’ve seen many different areas of the world “sand boarding” down the sand dunes of Peru to sipping some drink I couldn’t pronounce in Paris.  This was all possible making under $40,000 a year.  That’s right 40K a year!  I don’t have a sugar momma at home; I don’t even have parents that well off.

This blog isn’t for the cry babies who see this post, and think to themselves “that’s not possible”.  Instead this website is for the visionaries that want to travel the world without going into debt.  If at anytime you need to contact me feel free to reach out here.