Making Money Doing Things Around the House

Doing Things Around the House

Doing things around the house sucks.  Whether it’s mowing the lawn, or doing the dishes – it’s never enjoyable.  I always try to make money when I do something, regardless of what it is.

As I talked about in my previous blog post, Spending Money to Save Money, this is on another level.  I call this…

Spending Money to Make Money!

Here’s how I did it!

First off, because I’m located in Connecticut there is a big deal here with how your landscape looks.  It’s almost like a fashion statement.  You’re popular if you have a great looking backyard.

I needed to get some tree work done.  I decided to get a tree removed by a local CT tree service company.  After they removed it, and we’re about to haul it all off I said I wanted to keep the tree for firewood.

I told them that’d give everyone a $25 tip if they cut it up for me quick!

affordable tree removal
Branches trimmed from an old maple tree lie at the mouth of a machine that soon will grind them up.

Sure enough the tree guys obliged, and then I just negotiated the bill down what I had spent on the tips.

After that I sold all the firewood on craigslist.  I made 90% of my money back!

That’s what I call making money while spending money!